Silent Peace March

Silent Peace March - Pune 24th March 2015

by Ms. Elizabeth Coutinho

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Before lauching the new City Church Website, Fr. Salvador Pinto, the Parish Priest made an impassioned to the congregation on Sunday to participate in the SILENT PEACE MARCH organized by the Pune Christians on Tuesday, 24th March, and emboldened us to take to the streets and let our voices be heard instead of being passive listeners waiting for an improvement in the situation against the Christian minorities across the country. 

The church of Pune witnessed a memorable, well organized SILENT PEACE MARCH, which received an overwhelming response from amongst 30,000+ masses of the Unified Strengthened Christian nuns, priests and religious men and women and people of all good will. The 2 hour silent peace march started from St. Felix High School on Boat Club Road and ended at Council Hall, Camp. 

The participants were protesting against the recent spurt of attacks on Christian churches and institutions across the country including the rape of a 72 year old nun in Kolkatta. A demand for speedy and timebound justice against the perpretators was made.

Bishop Thomas Dabre addressed the gathering before and after a memorandum was submitted to the district collector. Members of the Christian community urged the govt. to guard their freedom and profess, practice and propagate their religion as guaranteed by the constitution.

Comments and reactions from the parishioners of City Church - emotional outbursts!

  • "Even though we Indian Christians are called a minority community, the peace march is a show of our unity and strength."
  • "Christians are as much Indians as all other Indian citizens in the country."
  • "Citizens of Pune show solidarity with the Christian community and joined in the protest against the atrocities against the Christian minorities, a human rights issue and a national rights issue too."
  • "One thing was LOUD enough and proudly voiced out was 'Prayer is the most powerful weapon that a Christian possesses and must use it always.' "
  • "Protect and promote our constitutional rights."
  • "Together (all religious denominations), we can build our nation. Love, serve and respect each other."
  • "Live and let Live."
  • "Pray and let's pray."
  • "At last the people of Pune have woken from their deep long slumber."

The memorandum will be sent to the Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, the Union Minister for Home Affairs, Prime Minister, National Minority Commission.

Fr. Salvador thanked all those who participated and those who prayed at home, who were unable to attend the Peace March, for the overwhelming response from our parishioners.