Notices of the week (30/04/2017)


  • This weekend, we observed Third Sunday of Easter
  • Visitation of Mother Mary: In the month of May, the statue of Mother Mary will be visiting the homes of Sagar Apts,Nina ,Supriya, Gita, lmmambar, Lal Deval, Shirine Apts. Mass and fellowship on 8th May 2017 
  • In the month of May there will be two Masses everyday at 7.00.a.m and 6.00 pm except on Sunday's as usual. 
  • A two day special enrichment weekend experience for married couples is being organized by Marriage Encounter Pune team on Sat May 6 and Sun May 17 at the Loyola Retreat House Pashan
  • Last Sunday’s Collection amounted to : Rs. 12,101/
  • Lenten collection : Rs. 23,590/
  • The Parish Youth Group is organizing a Children's Camp from 4th May - 7th May, from 9:00 A.M.  - 1:00 P.M. Kindly send your children for the same.